loop+ is a remote care management platform that supports clinician prescribed care plans and everyday risk management for people with limited mobility.  Sensors are integrated into assistive devices and the home to provide continuous monitoring in everyday life. The feedback loop through the mobile app increases motivation and adherence to care plans, using techniques similar to a fitness tracker.

Our first product is the loop+, an activity tracker for wheelchair users that creates a positive feedback loop with carers and clinicians to measure and prevent health risks. A sensor pad sits in the wheelchair connected to a mobile app that continuously tracks what is going on with the body in the wheelchair. 


Collaborative Connected Care

Wheelchair Users

  • Personal 24/7 monitoring of causes of pressure area risk
  • Provides evidence for self-directing of care
  • Reduces time spent in hospital
  • Provides specific and historical information that can used to discuss care plans with the health team

Allied Health Professionals

  • Remote monitoring of patient’s care plan
  • Historical data gives insight into patient behaviour
  • More accurate therapy due to real time feedback
  • Ability to coach patient and carer during periods of high risk

Clinics and Hospitals

  • Freeing up of hospital beds by reducing hospital admissions
  • Earlier patient discharge due to remote monitoring
  • Less chance of recurrence of pressure area
  • Active real-time monitoring of patient adherence to transition of care plan

standardised care

  • Consistent allied health and carer training to facility standards
  • Measurable, trackable functional and risk assessments including balance, weight bearing and trunk control
  • Increase the health literacy of support workers by enabling them to visualise optimal posture and position

measurable outcomes

  • Objective goal setting and progress tracking
  • Activity tracker to improve health and wellbeing
  • Adherence through an increase in motivation and accountability

risk management

  • Personalised alerts based on risk level
  • Predictive analytics to enable early intervention
  • Ease of documentation record keeping

expanded access to care

  • Remove distance and reduce travel of allied health + registered nurse consultations
  • 24/7 support in every day life to improve quality of care
  • Ability to coach patient and carer when alerted to periods of high risk