loop plus

walkWELL is a remote rehabilitation system that accesses sensor technology to drive adherence to physical therapy and track functional recovery in patient's everyday lives.  

Our first product, Loop+ is an activity tracker for wheelchairs. Instead of tracking steps, our Loop+ Mat tracks weight bearing and body alignment with a mobile app. Using the walkWELL system, patients will improve their adherence to physical therapies in their everyday lives. 

As a rehabilitation platform, walkWELL translates prescribed physical therapy exercises from the clinic into the home. The real time, data-driven feedback loop and interaction between patient and healthcare providers increases motivation and compliance to prescribed exercises. Loop+ is designed to fit into existing therapy routines to maximize the time that families already spend completing exercises with their children. 

Goal setting and tracking

The child’s physical therapist works with the family to assign exercises and goals through walkWELL’s website, which the child and their family then complete at home through the mobile app and track using the Smart Mat and Smart Vest. As children complete their set exercises they earn points towards a reward that is defined by their parents. Our children using the walkWELL system are highly motivated to beat their own previous performances and win prizes!



As the exercises are completed, mum and dad view a live visual feedback in the mobile app to help guide accurate completion. Knowing that the exercises are being carried out correctly gives mom and dad confidence that they are giving their child the best support possible. This encourages them to complete therapy at home every day.


Frequently spearheaded by mom, this caregiving team of extended family, health service providers and support carers can share accountability for the child achieving his or her mobility goals. walkWELL ensures a continuity of care that gives mom peace of mind that everyone is doing their best for her child.



Collaborative Care

This new lifestyle dedicated to mobility does not have just one type of therapy. Many families access at least three methods of treatment from physical therapists and other health service providers. The data captured by walkWELL serves as a great collaborative tool for this team of specialists to understand the patient’s condition and modify treatment over time. Families and health service providers see the same information and the dashboard charts graphically illustrate progress in mobility to validate treatment choices and further encourage adherence to the prescribed exercises.